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Quality room décor, with both classic pieces, and contemporary design ideas. Lovely pots, sculpture, lighting, and accessories to enliven your space.

Our collection is a great source of room decoration ideas for your home, apartment, or office decoration projects. If not for you, then they also make outstanding gifts for your friends and loved ones.

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'Bronze Abstract' - (Medium 85cm) - Sculptures & figurines - Contemporary design

The Bronze Abstract is a great contemporary design. Looking for some office decorating ideas, or jus..


'Bronze Swirl' - (Small 56cm) - Sculptures & figurines - Metal sculptures

One of many attractive metal sculptures in the range. The flowing curves of 'Bronze Swirl' draw the ..


'Flame Tree' - (Large 92cm) - Sculptures & figurines - Contemporary interior design

A powerful and striking sculpture in red. Highly impressive standing almost a metre in height.&..


'Floor Lamp in Black Chrome & Sequins' - (Feature 143cm) - Floor lamps online

A lovely 143cm online floor lamp with contemporary stylings that fit perfectly with m..


'Floor Lamp in Chrome & Acrylic' - (Feature 156cm) - Office interior design - Standing lamps

A nice 156cm standing floor lamp with silver/chrome stylings. Perfect for office interior desig..


'Floor Lamp in Chrome & Black Weave' - (Feature 130cm) - Floor lamps for sale - Living room interior design

A 130cm chrome base lamp, with black pleated weave shade. Fits well as a lounge or living room inter..


'Floor Lamp in Steel & Acrylic' - (Feature 173cm) - Lamps for sale online - Tall floor lamps

One of our finest tall floor lamps, looking fantastic at 173cm. Fits nicely into most settings, with..


'Floor Lamp in Steel & Feather' - (Feature 164cm) - Retro home decor - Home living

The intricate feather shade and slim steel legs make this floor lamp a fine home living feature. Can..


'Floor Lamp in Timber & Fabric' - (Feature 165cm) - Living room Lamp - Contemporary lighting

A great feature floor lamp, standing tall at 165cm. Lovely sleek contemporary design, made from natu..


'Forbidden Fruit in Green' - (Small 48cm) - Sculptures & figurines - Apple sculptures

Far from forbidden, this green apple sculpture symbolizes a natural life of good health and&nbs..


'Forbidden Fruit in Red' - (Small 52cm) - Sculptures & figurines - Apple sculpture

Slightly indulgent, the red version of this sculpture symbolizes healthy passion and spirit. Fo..


'French Goddess' - (Medium 85cm) - Sculptures & figurines - Female statue

A lovely, perfectly feminine French art sculpture. Our 'French Goddess' is elegant home décor d..


'Golden Pear' - (Small 52cm) - Sculptures & figurines - Kitchen & restaurant décor

A year-round reminder of Spring and Summer, this positive piece brings a healthy vibe.The 'Golde..


'Imposera' - (Medium 66cm) - Sculptures & figurines - Modern living décor

Proudly triumphant, yet remaining humble. 'Imposera' is one part of a wonderful series of ..


'Independence' - (Medium 71cm) - Sculptures & figurines - Girls room décor

Graceful to the extent of almost floating. Gorgeous feminine lines make 'Independence' a great ..


'Kece Bottle' - (Medium 40cm) - Funky home décor - Small pots - Great gifts

Our small Kece Bottle is pictured on the far right, with the Long Antonio Vase centre..


'Kece Bottle' - (Small 30cm) - Funky home décor - Small pots - Great gifts

Our small Kece Bottle is pictured on the far right, with the Long Antonio Vase centre..


'La Femme' - (Medium 69cm) - Sculptures & figurines - Modern home & office ideas

A beautifully realized work. The sleek lines of 'La Femme' suit those looking for new home, office o..


'Lady of Leisure' - (Small 54cm) - Sculptures & figurines - Lying lady sculpture

One of our more diminutive, relaxing sculptures. Perfect for decorating small spaces, and casual env..


'Long Antonio Pot' - (Small 50cm) - Buy pottery online - Affordable gifts

Our funky and modern 'Long Antonio' pots are a fun choice. Extremely affordable when ..


'Long Face Buddha Head' - (Large 90cm) - Sculptures & figurines - Classic interior design

A large, yet serene and reflective piece. Great from a distance, with intricate detail up close. The..


'Mosaic Bowls' - Set of three round bowls - In five decorative colours

Hand crafted round mosaic bowls in a wide range of colours. Each mosaic bowl is carefully created us..


'Mosaic Plates' - Set of three square plates - In five decorative colours

Lovely hand crafted square mosaic plates, a nice addition to any table or bench. Each mosaic plate&n..


'Out Of Africa in Gold' - (Large 93cm) - Sculptures & figurines - Tribal art

This large sculpture, almost a metre in height, surveys the scene with wise, thoughtful eyes. A mean..


'Out Of Africa in Red' - (Large 93cm) - Sculptures & figurines - African art

A large sculpture, almost a metre in height. The red version of this home and decor work captures&nb..


'Paus Pot in Chocolate Swirl' - (Medium 70cm) - Occasional pots - Neutral brown earth design

Essentially, 'Paus' was designed as an interior design piece for small spaces. The result is a ..


'Paus Pot in Chocolate Swirl' - (Small 45cm) - Occasional pots for small spaces

Essentially, 'Paus' was designed as an interior design piece for small spaces. The result is a ..


'Reach For The Stars' - (Large 93cm) - Sculptures & figurines - Feminine sculpture

Another great piece in this sculpture series, a real feature at 93cm in height.Imagine this scul..


'Red Chilli' - (Small 55cm) - Sculptures & figurines - Food themed decoration ideas

A popular piece in our food themed sculpture series.Searching for healthy room decorat..


'Silver Trio' - (Medium 83cm) - Sculpture & figurines - Creative home decor

Such an abstract and minimalist work, yet it so strongly captures the idea of working toge..


'Stone Moai' - (Medium 81cm) - Sculpture & figurines - Easter Island statue tribute

Definitely the strong, silent type. A very noble piece, with a wise and ageless air. Perhaps a small..


'Table Accent Lamp in Black Chrome & Sequins' - (Small 58cm) - Circular design

An interesting small fabric and metal table accent lamp with a novel circular theme. The contemporar..


'Table Accent Lamp in Steel & Acrylic' - (Small 58cm) - Modern Neutral design - Desk lamp

A simple yet classical table or desk accent lamp, with neutral chrome and copper tones. Modern, clea..


'Table Lamp in Black Chrome & Weave' - (Medium 60cm) - Interior design bedroom

A beautifully tasteful and stylish bedside or reading lamp. Such a graceful addition to your bedroom..


'Table Lamp in Black Glass & Fabric' - (Medium 74cm) - Bedroom interior design ideas

A modern, trendy table lamp. This black glass lamp works beautifully as a bedroom interior design el..


'Table Lamp in Chrome & Acrylic' - (Medium 66cm) - Silver desk / bedside lamp

A classic chrome table lamp. Can be used as a silver bedside lamp, or anywhere around the house..


'Table Lamp in Chrome & Black Weave' - (Medium 63cm) - Room decorating ideas

A sleek and classy table lamp, with matching floor lamp available. One of the nicest, yet most affor..


'Table Lamp in Chrome & Fabric' - (Medium 72cm) - Elegant bedroom lamps

A fine choice if you're decorating a bedroom with elegance in mind. This chrome table lamp looks sup..


'Table Lamp in Chrome, Glass & Acrylic' - (Medium 74cm) - Chrome bedside lamp

A striking bedside lamp, in classic bright chrome with a nicely shaped base. These lamps make q..


'Table Lamp in Glass & Fabric' - (Medium 60cm) - Vintage home decor - Mood lamp

Fabric and metal table lamp.A lovely patterned shade, with a slightly gothic, vintage home decor..


'Table Lamp in Honeycomb Chrome & Fabric' - (Medium 87cm) - Feature Occasional lamp

A most interesting 87cm tall table, or occasional lamp. The intricate shade design looks stunning wh..


'Table Lamp in Honeycomb Chrome & Round Fabric Shade' - (Medium 63cm) - Mood lamps

A most elegant honeycomb chrome accent lamp. Features a beautifully detailed lyrebird shade that set..


'Table Lamp in Stainless Steel & Fabric' - (Medium 81cm) - Tear-drop design - Girls room décor

Table lamp with quality fabric shade, and a lovely natural 'tear-drop' design. Wood and metal stand...


'Table Lamp in Steel & Mosaic' - (Medium 64cm) - Home & apartment lighting ideas

This table lamp is a nice home or apartment decorating idea, that appeals to many tastes and in..


'Table Lamp in Timber & Fabric' (medium 74cm) - Wood desk or bedroom lamp

Interesting three legged wood table lamp. A nice blend of modern and classic themes.Naturally ap..


'Tea Lights' - (Small) - Set of three - Cast stone - Candle & incense accessories - Gifts

The perfect accompaniment for your dining table or sideboard, our tea lights are created from cast s..


'Terrazzo Bowl' - (Small) - Black or white - Country home decor - Gifts

A decorative Terrazzo Bowl that is just the right size for the dining table or sideboard. The authen..


'Tribal Instinct' - (Medium 80cm) - Sculpture & figurines - Bronze statue

'Tribal Instinct' is an attractive bronze coloured abstract statue.This style of sculpture ..


'Venue De Milo' - (Medium 72cm) - Sculpture & figurines - Aphrodite / Venus sculpture

A tribute to the classic Greek statue, thought to be of Aphrodite, or Venus, the Goddess of love and..


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