Large Wall Art 120-159cm

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'Black Ink' - (Large 120cm) - Modern oil on canvas painting - Black & white abstract

Big, black and beautiful (with a hint of white and silver). 'Black Ink' is a bold and mode..


'Ebenezer' - (Large 150cm) - Lounge decorating ideas - Large size artwork

A majestic large artwork. Hard to match if you're looking for grand interior decorating ideas. ..


'Foliage in Gold' - (Large 125cm) - Modern design ideas - Shadow box art

Browsing for modern home ideas that are a bit different? A trio of golden autumn leaves float over a..


'Foliage in Silver' - (Large 125cm) - Autumn themed art - Modern interior design

Browsing for unusual modern interior design ideas? A trio of leaves appear to float over a contrasti..


'Full Bloom' - (Large 150cm) - Floral artwork for sale - Flower art paintings

Classic tones and instant warmth. 'Full Bloom' is a colourful and vibrant, yet serene and blissful f..


'Hip to be Square' - Part one - (Large 120cm) - Apartment interior design ideas - Urban industrial art

'Hip' - yes, 'square' - not, unless of course you pair them.A very contemporary interior design ..


'Hip to be Square' - Part two - (Large 120cm) - Contemporary interior design - Industrial art

'Hip' - yes, 'square' - not, unless of course you pair them.A very contemporary interior design ..


'In The Groove' - (Large 140cm) - Purple paintings - Vibrant modern wall art

A 'groovy baby' geometric artwork loved by many bedroom walls (so we are told!), but we think it wou..


'Le Disques' - (Large 150cm) - Office interiors - Modern artwork

A multitude of discs and shapes combine together to create the modern artwork 'Le Disques'. A s..


'Metal Worx' - Part one - (Large 120cm) - Modern home decor - Urban art

A two part series of 3D art with urban themes. This is a definitive example of contemporar..


'Metal Worx' - Part two - (Large 120cm) - Industrial art - Urban design

'Metal Worx' is an ultra contemporary industrial art themed series. It makes a sublime home or ..


'New York' - (Large 120cm) - New York City painting - Frank would love this

Almost a blur, the fast paced oil on canvas 'New York' needs no explanation! Except o..


'Orbital Motion' - (Large 125cm) - Wall hanging ideas - 3D shadow box artwork

The intricate detail and layers of the 'Orbital Motion' are both welcoming to the eye, and..


'Palm Leaves in Gold' - (Large 150cm) - Room decor ideas - Feature wall art

One of the nicest artworks in the collection is 'Palm Leaves' in Gold. A fetching piece of feat..


'Palm Leaves in Silver' - (Large 150cm) - Hand painted artwork - Affordable modern art

One of the nicest paintings in the collection is  'Palm Leaves' in Silver.Shining silver le..


'Poppies in Red' - (Large 120cm) - Big flower paintings - Feature wall art

A vibrant and visually appealing piece of feature wall art. Clever use of texture and colour combine..


'Poppies in Violet' - (Large 120cm) - Beach house decorating - Lovely feature painting

'Poppies' exhibits a full range of beautiful violet colours, on a choice of two canvas sizes.&n..


'Seven Worlds' - (Large 150cm) - Contemporary abstract artwork - Design ideas

Our contemporary abstract artwork 'Seven Worlds' could certainly be interpreted as many th..


'Shades of Grey' - (Large 150cm) - Thoughtful & reflective art - Large paintings

Deep in thought and feeling, the contemporary, large artwork 'Shades of Grey' is captivating to..


'Shalimar' - (Large 150cm) - Large wall art - Peaceful room decoration ideas

Stunning and calming, the large wall art canvas 'Shalimar' is simply one of the most serene and beau..


'Simplicity' - Part one - (Large 120cm) - Understated & elegant art

Two of the most stylish artworks in our collection, understated and elegant art at it's finest.Genui..


'Simplicity' - Part two - (Large 120cm) - Understated & elegant artwork

Two of the most stylish pieces in our collection, understated and elegant artwork at it's finest. ..


'Tokyo' - (Large 140cm) - Japanese home decor - Cool wall art - Modern paintings

To see is to believe, a more impressive piece of artwork would be hard to find.With a modern, Ja..


'Urban Edge' - (Large 150cm) - Modern interior design concepts - Metal wall art

'Urban Edge' is one of our more unconventional and modern interior design concepts. Quite inter..


'Zen' - Silver or black frame - (Large 125cm) - Shadow box 3D wall art

Featuring a brushed metallic like finish, with either a silver or black frame. 'Zen' is a true ..


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